Bristol Who’s Who Recognizes Fred Colantonio


Professional speaker, business advisor and published author, Fred Colantonio leads humans in business, team leaders, CEO and entrepreneurs to create, grow and deal with their best business attitude and corporate brand.
Fred believes that an expert who makes things more complicated isn’t doing their job right: an expert should make things simpler. Fred can help you shape your company, teams, and reach your success through inspirational talks, consultancy on innovation strategies and straight-forward action plans. Fred works as a pragmatic mentor by your side to help you “GROW and DARE for histories to SHARE.”
A professional criminologist who first specialized in New Media and Technologies, Fred Colantonio used his abilities to understand the mindset and behavior of an individual as part of a group to serve growth in various business contexts. He founded a communications/marketing agency which he managed for 5 years with the aim of integrating the human perception and psychology at the heart of companies and their brand image. In 2010, he transformed it into a consultancy agency for marketing, digital strategy, innovative management and leadership. The company has supported hundreds of customers, delivered over 10,000 hours of public presentations and has 8 long-time business partners and coworkers.
In 2012, after 5 years of research, he unveiled an innovative method on the attitude required to succeed in business and life, L’attitude des Héros ® ( . This inspiring and pragmatic approach to professional and personal success attracted numerous entrepreneurs, executives and company CEOs.  Fred advises them, individually or as a team, via public speaking, support and mentoring missions in several countries in Europe and Canada.
Fred is a published author of several books and publications such as SIGNIFICATION – Resparkle the flame that makes us alive, L’attitude des Héros, 2015, ACTION – Become the hero of your own story, overcome your challenges, L’attitude des Héros, 2014, INSPIRATION – Your leader attitude inspired by the Greats, L’attitude des Héros, 2013, SEO, e-marketing and web authority – 30 practices for decision-makers and webmasters, EdiPro, 2010. 2015 for the 2nd edition updated, Professional online communication – Understanding and using social media, EdiPro, 2011 just to name a few.
He has appeared on TEDx, speaking on How Perception of Failure Affects Success” which can be viewed here: Read more about Fred’s publications and success on his website at
A professional speaker, he gives inspirational talks in French and English all over Europe  an Canada in hubs such as in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, and Germany. Fred holds a license in Criminology, and a D.E.S.- Criminology-Crime Organizations from the Université de Liège, 2002. In his spare time he enjoys travel, reading, music (especially guitar), as well as arts and culture. He takes pride in spending quality time with his family and especially his  9 year-old son who he calls “my little hero.” He resides in Barchon, Belgium.
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