Dr. Paolo Toffano is the Global Marketing and Communication Director of Rifle Jeans, a 60 YO Italian company.

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A competent, creative and strategic marketing and communication professional with both online and offline fully integrated marketing and 360 degrees Communication experiences, Paolo entered the commercial world in 2006 after earning a Ph.D in molecular biology and a Masters in Marketing & Communication at Bocconi University. He quickly got assignments with increasing responsibilities in companies such as McDd’s, Mars, and San Benedetto. To deepen his communication knowledge, he then joined the integrated communication Agency Attila, as Head of Advertising and Marketing, and in the last three years he was also part the Board Team. As Client Service Director at both the national and international level, He runs Krizia, Sergio Rossi, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Puma, Nidina Nestlé, Paul & Shark, Triumph Lingerie, Fidia Farmaceutici, Ferragamo Jewels, Trands, Forte Village Resort and many others.
His professional path has proven a significant consumer marketing knowledge gained in different fields, such as Retail, FMCG, Fashion and Luxury Goods.
Strategic vision, analytical and synthetic method and orientation towards innovation and results, allow Paolo to have an approach based in the “discontinuity” of thoughts. He considers the innovative creativity paired with a coherent strategic vision to be the real competitive value today.
He is autonomous in managing the responsibilities and effective in teamwork: he has managed accounting, creative, production, and media teams and he strongly believes that leadership and employees enhancement are the key points of reference and control.
Previously he covered the role of Head of Marketing and Communication at Dyson srl in Italy, and prior to this endeavors, he was Head of Advertising and Board Member with Attila & Co. located in the Milano, Italy Area. He has a number of unique skills that enable him to function at an extremely high level.
Paolo is a top level business executive with great analytical and synthetic tools, thanks to his academic education gained in the context of a scientific discipline. He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, which allows him to see and solve problems at high levels. His education also includes a Master of Marketing and Communications from The University of Chicago-WHMU, as well as a Master of Marketing and Communication at the Università Commerciale ‘Luigi Bocconi.’
Paolo entered the commercial world with GlaxoSmithKline by earning the highly competitive, “Aldo Gini” Scholarship. His career in marketing and advertising quickly ascended to positions at global giants, such as McDonalds and the Mars Corporation. He also enjoyed a very successful position with San Benedetto in Venice, where he has noted a full transition from science to international business-oriented marketing and Dyson.
His current goal is to work in companies or agencies operating in international organizational contexts, particularly focused on innovation and the research of excellence. He is ready to play high leadership roles within the marketing industry in companies or agencies belonging to different fields, such as FMCG, Luxury Goods, Food & Beverage, and also in the Pharma OTC product sector.
Outside of work, Paolo enjoys international travel, music, art, skiing and scuba diving. He resides in Milan and Florence, Italy.
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