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    • Title : Dental Surgeon / Oral Implantologist

      Company Name: Sunny Smiles Dental Clinic

    • Location : Southern Main Road, Curepe,Trinidad and Tobago

      Specialty : Cosmetic Dentistry; Periodontics; Restorative Dentistry; Dentistry; Teeth Whitening; Aesthetics; Endodontics; Oral Surgery; Prosthodontics; Dentures; Veneers; Root Canal; Dental Surgery; Orthodontics; Dental Care; Crowns; Pediatric Dentistry; Sedation Dentistry; TMJ Dysfunction

    Biography :

    Dr. Kaveen Ramnarine is a Dental Surgeon and Oral Implantologist at Sunny Smiles Dental Clinic. He opened his practice in 2002 where he has four associates and offers oral surgeries, implants, dentures, and other dental care for his patients. Kaveen is the first in the Caribbean to become a fellow of the American Academy of […]

    • Title : Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer, Organization Consultant

      Company Name: 2 companies: Innercall and Mazak Global Management

      Industry : Mental Health Care

    • Location : Norwalk,CA,United States

      Specialty : Organization Development and Transformation Consulting; Executive Leadership Development; Intercultural Training; Transpersonal Psychotherapy; Interfaith Spiritual Direction; Interfaith Ministry; Peace-building; Graduate Professor of World Religions, East-West Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology; Academic Administrator in Graduate Schools

    Biography :

    Dr. Arlene Mazak’s responsibilities prioritize listening closely to clients and helping them cope with the various relational issues they may be experiencing. She does this through offering psychotherapy and coaching sessions, in person and in telesessions. Dr. Mazak not only uses the principles ofpsychodynamic psychotherapy, but is also skilled in transpersonal psychotherapy which is a […]

    • Title : Managing Director

      Company Name: Absolute Detective Agency Limited

      Industry : Security and Investigations

    • Location : Hertfordshire,United Kingdom

      Specialty : Security Operations; Private Detective; Internal Investigations; Crime Prevention; Counter-terrorism; Private Investigations; Law Enforcement; Investigation; Security Management; Detective Inspector; Surveillance; Criminal Investigations; Corporate Fraud; Security; Background Checks; Vehicle Tracking; Computer Forensics

    Biography :

    Robert Bryan is Managing Director of Absolute Detective Agency Limited, a covert detective agency with an established network of highly experienced and trusted professionals enabling a wide range of operations to be rolled out, locally in the UK and throughout most parts of the world. Robert has distinguished himself in thirty years of law enforcement […]

    • Title : Director

      Company Name: Espindola International Consultants

      Industry : Legal Services

    • Location : Cali,VAC,Colombia

      Specialty : International Trade and Commerce Law Customs and Foreign Exchange Regulations; International Trade Agreements; Compliance and risk assesment; Foreign Investment; Banking and Insurance Laws; Maritime and Aviation Laws; Taxation; Business Law; International Sales of Goods; Distribution and Agency Contracts; Franchises; Joint Ventures; Regulatory in Pharmaceutical; Cosmetics; Beverages and Food; Administrative Law; Dispute Resolutions; Audits in Customs and Trade Matters; Mergers and Acquisitions; Litigation in Customs and Foreign Trade; Logistics and International Business Planning

    Biography :

    Mr. Carlos Espíndola-Scarpetta, started his prestigious law firm Espindola International Consultants in 1979, ( with offices currently in Cali and Bogotá, Colombia. Carlos’ firm specializes in the following law fields: international trade and commerce, business law, tax law, Compliance and legal risk assessments; international commercial law, banks, insurance, transportation, financial law, customs and foreign exchange, […]

    • Title : CEO

      Company Name: Jordan Projects for Tourism Development

      Industry : Hospitality

    • Location : Horw,Switzerland

      Specialty : Corporate Finance; Governance; Management; Investment Development; Asset Management; Financial Engineering; hospitality and gastronomy

    Biography :

    Mahmoud is a proven top level executive with over 26 years of experience in the field of hospitality, Development and Real Estate. He has consistently delivering results by growing the profits, revenues; values  and developing high performance teams in all of the companies for which he has worked.  Mahmoud single-handedly brought Orascom Development Holding to […]