As the saying goes, membership does have its benefits. Being a member with Bristol Who’s Who is no exception. In additional to all the traditional benefits that membership provides, we also offer enrollment in our special Member Discount Program.

This is an optional service we extend to all of our members. The discount program provides enrolled members with an online platform that offers discounts from hundreds of major retailers, brands, and online stores. The participating retailers constantly change in order to provide the maximum amount of variety for our members.

Furthermore, participating members can take advantage of discounts on the go my using the My Deals mobile app, which is available on both  iTunes® and through the Play Store by Android®.

To view our member perks program, please visit our discount website. Only enrolled members will have access to the discounts.


If you’re currently a member with us and would like to enroll, or if you are currently enrolled and have questions, please contact us today.