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  • Title : Pyschiatrist

    Company Name: Praxisgemeinschaft Langhaus

    Industry : Mental Health Care

    Location : Riniken,Swaziland

    Specialty : Psychiatry/Trauma Therapy

    Biography :

    Rene started his education considering sports medicine as a career, when he discovered his fascination with psychiatry and how the brain functions and responds to treatment, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. Rene specializes in treating patients with ADHS, depressive, traumatic and schizophrenic disorders. Rene tries to understand the patient, their issues and how they function, he then workouts how to use their own words to help solve the problem. Rene is most proud of his success with helping and preventing suicides in his patients. In addition to therapy, Rene as serves as a coach to highly intelligent people.

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