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  • Title : Professor Emerita Retired

    Company Name: University of North Dakota

    Industry : Research

    Location : Lincoln, Nebraska

    Specialty : Taught Classes; Advised Students & Conducted Research for Over 30 Years Educational Anthropology; Native American Culture; Indigenous Culture; Methods of Learning

    Biography :

    Dr. Janet Goldenstein Ahler is Professor Emerita at the University of North Dakota (UND). An expert in educational anthropology, Native American culture, Indigenous culture, qualitative research methods and various methods of learning, Dr. Ahler taught classes, advised students and conducted research for over 30 years. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University […]

  • Title : Chief Human Capital Officer

    Company Name: DAR AL ABBAR

    Industry : Human Resources

    Location : Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

    Specialty : Human Resources, Strong Sales and Marketing, Logistics, Organization Development, Sales Capability , Business Strategy, Re-Structuring

    Biography :

    Mr. Imran Alhindi serves as Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services at Abbar Coldstores. Imran oversees the entire Human Resources Department and support activities for the holding company, broken up into five subsidiaries. This includes logistics, trade and distribution, contracting, marketing, and real estate. Imran has over 25 years of experience in the […]

  • Title : Founder/Owner

    Company Name: Info4

    Industry : Public Relations and Communications

    Location : Rio de Janeiro,RJ,Brazil

    Specialty : Advertising; Marketing; PR; Media Working for Advertising Companies to Make Business More Competitive by Studying the Media & Market

    Biography :

    As founding Director of Info4, Alexandre Macedo has taken the company from start-up to one of the 10 largest PR/communication companies in Brazil in less than 15 years. Info4 provides unique media monitoring, management, and analysis services that go far beyond what other companies are offering in today’s market. The company’s team consists of highly […]

  • Title : Partner

    Company Name: Data Education Systems

    Industry : Education

    Location : Hamilton,WKO,New Zealand

    Specialty : Philosophy, Natural & Social Policy, Education & Information Technology

    Biography :

    Darryl Leslie Smith is a Partner at Data Education Systems, a position he has held for over 28 years. With almost 50 years of expertise in a variety of fields, including computer science, philosophy, and politics, Darryl has served the educational field in compendium of roles. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics […]

  • Title : Senior Consultant

    Company Name: IknowiT

    Industry : Information Services

    Location : Strombeek-Bever,Belgium

    Specialty : Knowledge management; content management; document management; enterprise information architecture

    Biography :

    KoenraadSeys.Owner and Senior Consultant at IknowiT since 2009, has more than 20 years active in knowledge sharing, document management, business process automation, collaboration and archiving, with strong focus on business value and functionality. He participates in the full life cycle of solution implementation in this domain and has worked with the major software and platforms […]