Partner Program

Bristol Who’s Who has teamed up with the leading industry experts at Lorman® to provide a library of insightful webinars and seminars. Topics of interest span nearly all imaginable industries and sectors. These archived webinars will be available for viewing by our members only.

Additionally, through our partners at Lorman®, Bristol Who’s Who members will have premium access to their schedule of upcoming live webinars and seminars. With 27 years of experience and over 1.4 million professional educated, Lorman® is at the forefront of continuing education.

If you’re a member and would like more information on how to take advantage of our partnership with Lorman®, please contact us today.


The team at Bristol Who’s Who is in the midst of developing an extensive member sourced webinar program. Set to launch in 2015, our goal is to provide all of our members a comprehensive portal where they can view a wealth of content created by our own members!  Content will cover many topics, with an emphasis on professional development, ongoing education and other business related material.

Additionally, we will continue to provide top tier professional webinars through Lorman®, along with future companies that we will be partnering with, as we aim to provide an ongoing source of fresh and unique content available only to our distinguished members.

Members can also take advantage of our webinar promotion services. On a case by case when we come across a member webinar that is truly exceptional we decide to promote it. We’re able to increase exposure for these members by promoting it to other members, as well as the general public through our media channels.

With continuing education emerging as a cornerstone of professional and career development, we help to provide our members a means to achieve their goals through our webinar services.


Online webinars are only part of the equation. Bristol Who’s Who is an industry leader on organizing local conferences and seminars. Our goal is to attract quality keynote speakers and organize events that provide the maximum value to our member as well as other attendees.

For more information about seminars, or if you’re interested in becoming a speaker for one of our upcoming events, please contact us today.