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Dirk Gombos is one of the 21st century pioneers in the film industry. He is the Co-founder of 3D Evolution (3DE), which is an emerging 3D content production company based in Vancouver, BC Canada with an emphasis on Second Screen (portable devices, i.e. smart phones and tablets) distribution. Using a proven proprietary 3D Stereo Camera Rig (3DE–SCR) and Reel Production Methodology (RPM), 3DE has realized the capability of creating theatrical quality productions at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional 3D systems and productions.
3D Evolution’s mission is to fill the gap in demand for high-quality, theatrical-grade 3D film content for an affordable, accessible rate. As Co-Founder, Dirk handles production and post-production and liaises with film producers on a global scale. He also set in place the legal, financial and corporate infrastructures which provided the basis for 3D Evolution’s initial launch in 2011.
An excerpt of a quote what an independent, unbiased person in the film industry has said pertaining to the 3DE-SCR and our RPM:
“Overall the stability on the extreme footage (camera mounted on the back of a scooter on what looked like a dirt trail) was better than some footage that I’ve seen from $200M films that were filmed under similar circumstances.” -Colin Jenken, Technical Art Director (Part of the award winning technical team at Gener8 Media Corp.
A scientist by training, Dirk graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and a minor in Genetics. His broad interests and engaging personality also led him in his earlier years to play on award-winning rugby teams and obtain certification in sailing. He later went on to complete a CDI diploma in Software Programming and Web Design from CDI College in Vancouver. For nearly 10 years, he owned and operated Schooley Mitchell, a telecommunications company devoted to reducing corporate account costs. Simultaneously, he served as the President of Gombos Telecom, overseeing all marketing, staffing, and financial details of the firm.
Dirk’s driving vision of making state-of-the-art technology accessible has led him to create a system that “takes the mystery” out of producing 3D movies. His method makes 3D a manageable medium for any production company to consider. He has written a manual in the vein of “3D for Dummies,” which forms the nucleus of the RPM, which may at some point turn into a publication.
Dirk currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, where he enjoys hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities in his spare time. He speaks fluent English and Hungarian and possesses a working knowledge of both French and Spanish.
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