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Every once in a while, an educator comes along whose passion and creativity touch the lives of an entire community. Member of the Year Janet Goldenstein Ahler is one such rare find. Since her retirement from the University of North Dakota in 2006 with emerita status, she had become a fixture in Lincoln, Nebraska, as part of the Emeriti Association of the University of Nebraska.
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Renowned internationally for her expertise in archaeology and anthropology, Janet has been invited to present three times at the Oxford Round Table in the United Kingdom. She has served on the board of directors for the Plains Anthropological Society and the American Anthropological Association Council on Anthropology and Education. In addition, she has worked as a consultant and researcher for tribes across North America and in Central America, and has been recognized with the North Dakota Multicultural Award, the North Dakota Indian Education Association Award, and the UND Rosa Parks Award for Justice and Righteousness for All.
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With over 30 years of devoted service to the University of North Dakota, Janet’s work has driven a diverse and compelling array of projects. Janet arrived at UND in 1972 as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the Sociology/Anthropology Department, and worked on her dissertation at the Spirit Lake Reservation. Early on in her career, Janet spent five years as an Archaeologist, focusing on Native American prehistory. After living with the Yu’pik Eskimos in Alaska, she adjusted her focus to work with living populations, particularly in cross-cultural education, which led her to a tenured position in the educational college at UND.
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Janet holds a PhD in educational anthropology from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She continues to share her expertise in educational anthropology, Native American and Indigenous cultures, qualitative research methods and various learning methods with her colleagues, and with new generations of social scientists and educators. Recently, she was recognized as a “pioneer” in teaching qualitative research methods at UND and had her name along with a colleague’s attached to a UND Distinguished Lecture Series on the topic.
Outside of her research, Janet is passionate about volunteer work and traveling, as she continues her lifelong love of learning and culture.
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