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  • Title : President

    Company Name: Cyber Group

    Industry : Entertainment

    Location : Paris, France

    Specialty : Management Consultation, Production, Media

    Biography :

    International executive with 20 years track-record in building international entertainment brands with industry leaders such as The Walt Disney Company.

    Extensive operational experience in:
    - developing, marketing, selling and distributing mass-market or specialty entertainment products,
    - launching, purchasing, managing, restructuring, downsizing and selling entertainment and media businesses
    - venture capital in the entertainment and media industry

    Expertise covering:
    - most industry segments: movies, television, DVD, music, interactive games, internet, book and magazine publishing, licensing, theme parks and resorts
    - main functions within these segments: product development, marketing, sales, distribution, strategic planning, finance

    20 year experience in creating, marketing and distributing new content for new media (from Minitel/Prodegy in 1987 to PC games, video games, and webisodes, mobisodes today)

    Enjoy working in an internationally and culturally diverse environment (lived and worked in the US, the United Kingdom, Poland, and France).

    Equally comfortable in a large and complex organization with strong corporate culture or in a “roll-up-the-sleeves” start-up company.

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