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    • Title : Principal Production Engineer

      Company Name: Suncor Energy Exploration &Production

      Industry : Oil & Energy

    • Location : Calgary,AB,Canada

      Specialty : Oil and Energy

    Biography :

    Philip Stemler is the Principle Production Engineer at Suncor E&P. He manages all critical issues which effect production of oil and energy for the company. His skills include product optimization, petroleum engineering, and reservoir engineering. Philip received his Bachelor of Science and Engineering from the University of Alberta. He credits his success to teamwork. Philip […]

    • Title : CEO

      Company Name: Paradox-Engineering SARL

      Industry : Motion Pictures and Film

    • Location : Antibes,France

      Specialty : Motion Pictures and Film

    Biography :

    Evgeniya Bernova is the Managing Director of MaltaRent Ltd, a company specializing in rental of motion picture equipment in Malta and Europe. Evgeniya has successfully operated a supplier of equipment and services to the film, television and media industry for more than 10 years in France, Germany, Russia and the CIS. Now her broad outlook […]

    • Title : Pyschiatrist

      Company Name: Praxisgemeinschaft Langhaus

      Industry : Mental Health Care

    • Location : Riniken,Swaziland

      Specialty : Psychiatry/Trauma Therapy

    Biography :

    Rene started his education considering sports medicine as a career, when he discovered his fascination with psychiatry and how the brain functions and responds to treatment, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. Rene specializes in treating patients with ADHS, depressive, traumatic and schizophrenic disorders. Rene tries to understand the patient, their issues and how they […]