Bristol Who’s Who Press Releases

It’s important that our members are heard. When new members are inducted in Bristol Who’s Who, or current members have a news announcement, our team distributes their message across the internet.

Through our vast network of media partners and secondary channels, we’re able to garner maximum exposure for each press release that is distributed.

Our team of content specialists write customized releases with a keen eye for SEO friendly copy. This way, member press releases rank highly across all search engines. Furthermore, we offer a myriad of targeting options, this way members can select that exact demographic who will see their release.

Member Press Releases

R. Mark Mifflin is a lawyer with an impressive resume and over 35 years of experience. He is a partner at the law firm Giffin Winning Cohen & Bodewes, where he specializes in litigation, civil appeals, governmental affairs and lobbying. He is also the Vice President of the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel. Mark […]