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  • Title : Underground Area Manager

    Company Name: Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) - Rio Tinto

    Location : Douglas,Australia

    Specialty : Geologist; Manager;

    Biography :

    Scott has been in the underground mining industry for over 20 years. He has been the underground area manager with Energy Resources of Australia for 18 months. He is accountable for all the underground mining and for 60-70 staff members. He is also responsible in overseeing all designs, planning and execution for the underground mines. He also has to ensure integration and there is proper education in place. Scott looks for a few traits in his team which he has as well. These traits include enthusiasm, driven, motivated and positive attitude. Scott is hoping to be able to give back to the underground mining industry. He is looking to work on the board of directors for a mining company as an early retirement. He is hoping to be able to share his experience with others and educate others about underground mining as it is a relatively new industry. Scott worked in Mongolia for 3 years. He was responsible for building an underground mine. He took very hands on approach as he believes that’s the way you get the best results and best way to share your experience. He trained and mentored the staff which was 90% Mongolian in underground mining. Underground mining in Mongolia is very rare as there are only 2 underground mines. One of which Scott helped build to the western standards.

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