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  • Title : Founder and President

    Company Name: Robowatch, LLC

    Industry : Think Tanks

    Location : Joliet,IL,United States

    Biography :

    Dr. Dale P. Layman, AS, BS, MS, EdS, PhD#1, PhD#2, Grand PhD in Medicine, MOIF, FABI, DG, DDG, LPIBA, IOM, AdVMed, AGE, operates under a CALL FROM GOD. “As His Foolish and Humble Knowledge Servant,” Dr. Layman soulfully confesses that, “I must at least TRY to save Mankind—BEFORE it is TOO LATE!” He is the Founder and President of Robowatch, LLC, an International Human Rights Advocacy Group. Robowatch is dedicated to raising public awareness about the Grave Dangers involved in the continuing (and probably UNSTOPPABLE) takeover of more and more formerly HUMAN jobs, by robots, computers, automation, and AI (Artificial Intelligence)!

    On 25 June 1999, Dr. Layman made a presentation at the National Convention of Text and Academic Authors, in Park City, Utah. The title of his talk was, “Facing the Robotic Challenge: Coping with Growing Computer Dominance Over the Access, Writing, and Distribution of Information.” During this major talk, Dr. Layman made his first public presentation describing his unique learning concept: Compu-Think. Compu-Think is a contraction for Computer-like modes or ways of human thinking. Compu-Think asks us students and teachers to ponder this Critical Question: “Do we always HAVE TO actually USE computers for virtually everything we do? Can’t we just try using OUR OWN MINDS to do Compu-Think, and think somewhat like a computer, in order to help us do our work?”

    So, WHY did Dr. Layman begin Robowatch, in the first place? It was because of what he PERSONALLY WITNESSED IN GREAT SHOCK, in The Fateful Year, 2001. He attended an open lecture on neural implants at the University of Reading, England. There he heard the terrifying talk of Professor Kevin Warwick, a cyberneticist who had connected his brain to a computer. Warwick made the ominous prediction that, “The cyborgs will be running the show in the future. If you want to be a chimpanzee, remain a human being!” Stunned and horrified, Dr. Layman created Robowatch as an Ever-Watching HUMAN Sentinel, and he started writing “THE ROBO-REPORTER” blog on his website. This was done to systematically describe and catalogue many of the quickly-unfolding, FOREVER LIFE-CHANGING EVENTS that are all-too-rapidly occurring in the ALIEN NEW WORLD of robots, computers, automation, and AI!

    In 2003, he was hand-selected for a very Special, UN-affiliated recognition! A Grand Doctoral Committee reached out to him! This Committee worked at the Academie Europeenne D’informatisation (AEI), and the World Information Distributed University (WIDU), located in Rixensart, Belgium. The 15-member Committee consisted of distinguished scientists from the U.S., Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Belgium, Latvia, Brazil, and Serbia. It was chaired by Grand Ph.D., Professor Vorontsov, the Under Secretary-General of the UNITED NATIONS, as well as the President of the International Diplomatic Academy.

    The Committee formally stated that, “Professor Dale Pierre LAYMAN is a celebrated scientist, splendid pedagogue and bearer of genuine American Culture. He has a deep knowledge in many fields of science, technology, of the humanities, and religion. This fundamental preparedness helps him to solve Global Problems and formulate strictly new ones. He was the first who proposed to study and teach to solve the Global Problem of [the] potentially irreversible process[,] from Homo sapiens to Robo sapiens. His practical result in this direction was a creating of [the] Robowatch organization, aimed to keep a watchful human eye on the continuing evolution of high level artificial intelligence, that may pose an imminent or eventual threat to Natural Man.”

    In 2016, Dr. Layman was recognized by Bristol Who’s Who as a Member of the Year. He worked for 32 years (from 1975 to 2007) as a full-time Professor at Joliet Junior College, in Joliet, Illinois, then returned from 2008 to 2010, part-time. (JJC is historically and nationally-recognized as being, “the first public two-year college in the United States, founded in 1901.”) Dr. Layman mainly taught Human Anatomy & Physiology courses, and Medical Terminology courses, to pre-Nursing and Allied Health students. He also occasionally taught special courses, such as “The World of Robots” and “Nanotechnology.”

    He has written six books, including The Medical Language: A Programmed, Body-Systems Approach, The Terminology of Anatomy and Physiology, Biology Demystified: A Self-teaching Guide, Anatomy Demystified: A Self-teaching Guide, Physiology Demystified: A Self-teaching Guide, and Medical Terminology Demystified: A Self-teaching Guide. In addition, during 2003, Dr. Layman wrote the Foreword to the CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROBOTICS, authored by Stan Gibilisco (McGraw-Hill). During March of 2005, Dr. Layman was interviewed by Alan Piper, a journalist working for MAXIM Magazine. The result was published in the June, 2005, edition of MAXIM, and entitled, Unpopular Mechanics. The story began with this spine-stiffening warning: “Dr. Dale Layman runs ‘human rights’ Web site [now]. And he could be the only thing standing between us and the reign of the Terminators.” To partially quote the last few sentences of this interview, we have: Maxim asking, “How do you intend to fight the robots?” Layman replied, “I’m here to educate. I made a presentation in Cambridge, England, several years ago. I dressed up as Darth Vader. I showed them the face of evil.” Maxim followed up with: “So you see this as a struggle between good and evil?” Layman dramatically finished up with, “This is the great mother of all battles, as predicted by the Bible. It’s going to be the fight between man and machine, between humanoid robots and the cyborgs, and human soldiers. That’s what it’s going to come down to.”

    Today, Dr. Layman is based outside Chicago in Joliet, Illinois, from where his reach and impact extends around the world. As “Poor Dad” and a humble servant of the cause, he invites you to learn more and join him in his fight against the robot apocalypse at

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