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  • Title : Business Enterprise Chief Consultant

    Company Name: SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

    Industry : Chemicals

    Location : Hünfelden,HE,Germany

    Biography :

    As SAP Business Enterprise Chief Consultant, I have been consulting Global Top 10 chemical and pharmaceutical companies for more than 8 years with a focus on Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Procurement and business process optimization. My 18 years of industry expertise as Global Project Manager, Process Engineering Leader, Site Manager with procuration, Executive Committee Member and Vice President Operations Europe in international chemical and pharmaceutical companies provide a great industry background.
    After receiving my diploma and phD in Chemistry from the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany, in 1990 I made my career at the Hoechst AG and successor companies. Let me mention two highlights:
    As Global Program Manager and Team Leader for the new anti-allergy drug Allegra®/Telfast® (USD 3 B revenue per year) I led international teams and reported to the CEO. My team developed an improved production process for the novel active ingredient, reduced production cost by 65%, revamped two production plants within budged, transferred production from the US to Germany and launched production 5 months ahead of schedule.
    Later I took over a chemical manufacturing site after a big fire. I cleaned up and managed the turn-around of the site and the related business within 18 months. As Site Manager, Head of Production, Engineering, Logistics, Global Process Engineering Department and Infrastructure I had personnel and P&L responsibility and was responsible for the negotiations with the works counsel.
    With SAP’s highest industry profile in Chemicals, I chair international meetings like the “Global ManuChem Strategies 2012” and deliver speeches at the ACHEMA and other international congresses.
    Most important success factors for my career are:
    • Always taking the lead for the most complex and difficult projects and tasks,
    • Overseeing the big picture, but also deeply digging into a subject extremely fast,
    • Making clear decisions after a reliable analysis,
    • Taking over responsibility as strong leader and efficient manager,
    • Delivering excellent results.
    I actually help SAP’s global top chemical and pharmaceutical customers’ business transition into the digital world by developing new digital business processes and business models, digital strategies, target enterprise architectures, innovation roadmaps, business transformation programs, value propositions and business cases. I drive their Digital Transformation especially by Internet of Things projects and enable customers to achieve their business goals.

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